Turn on Logging

How to turn on Logging

  1. Navigate to the config folder at ...Steam/steamapps/common/Dungeon Defenders 2/DunDef2/UDKGame/config/
  2. Edit UDKEngine.ini with Notepad or Notepad++
  3. Change the following lines within UDKEngine.ini file by putting a semi-colon in front of them so they look like the following: 
  4. Save the updated UDKEngine.ini
  5. Launch Dungeon Defenders 2 and replicate the issue you've been experiencing.
  6. Once you have replicated the issue close Dungeon Defenders 2. If the issue is the game not completely loading please wait 1 minute and then force close the game.
  7. Navigate to the logs folder at ...Steam/steamapps/common/Dungeon Defenders 2/DunDef2/UDKGame/Logs
  8. Right Click the Launch.log file you see in the folder and select Send To...Compressed (Zipped) file
  9. Follow the instructions below on where to email and additional info requested.

Email the .zip logged file to please make sure to include the following details:

  • Subject: Name of the issue you're experiencing. (e.g.: Connection to the host has been lost, Could not successfully authenticate with Steam, Initalizing Game Resource and etc.)
  • Body: Please be detailed on where you get the error and how often. (e.g.:Main menu when I click Play Private, when I click play on a map, and etc.) Also include a link to your Steam profile (e.g.:
  • Additional Helpful Info: Please include screenshot of the error or/and a link to a video of the issue happening.
  • If you can also include your DxDiag and MSInfo that would let us know details of your computer setup.
  • Lastly, let us also know if you would like to be contacted for possible further troubleshooting.

Special Note: While you may not receive a direct response to any email you send we do appreciate any information given to us. Thank you!


How to turn off Logging

  1. Close the game and launcher if open.
  2. Navigate to ...Steam/steamapps/common/Dungeon Defenders 2/DunDef2/UDKGame/config/
  3. Delete UDKEngine.ini file

The next launch of the game will recreate your UDKEngine.ini file for you with logging turned off.

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