Controlling your child's spending

As with any online purchase, it is important for parents to understand how to control in-game purchases via the platforms and devices their children may be using. Many people enjoy games, with and without making in-game purchases. Platforms and online stores include various tools to empower consumers to make informed decisions, including on behalf of their children, and to control the settings relating to digital purchases, internet access, online interaction and other functionality, as shown below.

How to control in-game purchases?

By creating separate accounts for multiple users, parents can prevent unauthorized purchases on the Xbox One console. By creating a passkey, you make sure that other people cannot sign into your account, make purchases or change settings:

To ensure that a child does not make unauthorized purchases on devices which are connected to PlayStation Network, parents should:
- Password protect their own master account to prevent unauthorized access by their child and ensure the "required password for checkout" setting is also in place to prevent purchasing even if the account is left logged in; and
- Create a sub-account for each child and set the parental controls to limit or prevent any spending on the parent's account: Setting spending limits on PS4.

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